Senior Social Clubs

There are four (4) individual senior social clubs, which are subsidized through the Fair Lawn Recreation & Parks Department; whose members, officers, by-laws, and itineraries are completely autonomous from each other. The following criteria for membership is: 

  • Sixty (60) years old and above, and
  • Permitted to be a member of only one of these groups at a given time. 

To send information to each club, please mail to:

Fair Lawn Senior Center
Attn: [club name]
11-05 Gardiner Road
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410


Meeting DayClubContact(s)Phone

Tuesday (2nd/ 4th)


Friendship Club


Elaine Meyer, President

Ruth VanHouten, Co-Vice President

Pam Berglund, Co-Vice President             
(551) 574-1934

(973) 897-2973

(201) 665-0535             
Wednesday (1st/3rd)
Livewires Club

Estelle Valinoti, President

(201) 796-8374 

Friday (1st/3rd)
Friday Social Club

Bobbi Braff, President

Jack Phillips, Vice President

Inge Lomonico, Tour Director


(201) 791-2456

(551) 246-8848 

(201) 796-7247

Friday (2nd / 4th)
Happy Seniors Club
Peggy Wilde, President

Linda Meola, Vice President

Dan McCarthy, Tour Director

(201) 796-8962

(201) 796-0396

(862) 377-5233     


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