Animal Control

Animal control services are handled by Bergen County Animal Control. Residents are to contact the Fair Lawn Police Department at 201-796-1400 (24 Hours a Day/365 Days a Year) to report the following:
  • Sick, injured, dangerous or stray animals
  • Removal of dead animals on public property
  • Removal of nuisance wildlife on public property
  • Report a lost pet
  • All other non-emergency animal calls/complaints.


Bergen County Animal Control will respond to complaints on private property for the removal of dead animals or to trap nuisance wildlife and will charge a fee directly to the resident for these services.

Additionally, Bergen County Animal Control is not a pest control service and will not remove healthy wildlife from residential property. The only exception is that they will remove wildlife from living quarters for a fee payable by the resident at the time of the service. This does not include animals in attics, basements, garages, chimneys, or sheds.