Borough Manager


There shall be a Manager appointed by the Council pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:69A-89.  The Manager shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of that office as required by law and shall serve pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:69A-93. 


The Manager shall, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:69A-95: 

A. Be the chief executive and administrative official of the Borough.
B. Compile and submit to the Council the tentative annual budget pursuant to law.
C. Execute all laws and ordinances of the Borough and of the State of New Jersey.
D. Appoint and remove all department heads and all other officers, subordinates and assistants for whose selection or removal no other method is provided in the Borough code or otherwise; supervise and control his/her appointees; and report all appointments or removals at the next meeting thereafter of the Council.
E. Review existing job classifications and salary ranges of all employees, at least once annually and present recommendations for any additions, changes or modifications therein to the Council, at or before the second agenda meeting in the month of February of each year.
F. Negotiate, but not approve or execute, contracts for the municipality subject to the approval of the Council, make recommendations concerning the nature and location of municipal improvements and execute municipal improvements as determined by the Council.
G. Report to the Council any violations of the terms or conditions of any statute, public utility franchise or other contract, imposed in favor of the Borough or its inhabitants.
H. Attend all meeting of the Council with a right to take part in the discussions, but without the right to cast a vote.
I. Recommend to the Council, for adoption, such measures as he/she may deem necessary and expedient.
J. Keep the Council advised of the financial condition of the Borough, by rendering a quarterly report within 30 days following the end of the preceding quarter or a monthly report if requested by the Council. The year end report should be submitted together with the tentative budget.
K. Make an annual report to the Council, in writing, at the last Council meeting of the month of February, of his/her work, including a detailed list of major capital improvements considered by him/her to be necessary or desirable during the succeeding five years, for consideration of the Council in planning future undertakings.
L. Issue a written report at one Council meeting each month concerning the activities of the Borough, its receipts and expenditures and immediate planned activities of all departments.
M. Ensure that no contract be entered into or improvement undertaken until the necessary funds have been appropriated in the budget or by ordinance.
N. Consult with and work together with the Planning Board in maintaining the Master Plan and in establishing plans for the future development of the Borough.
O. Investigate at any time the affairs of any officer or department of the Borough.
P. Develop administrative and operational rules, policies and operating procedures including, but not limited to, maintenance records where appropriate, as required by Borough Code §2-8, for the guidance of all departments and employees, in writing, to be reviewed by the Council, at least once annually and filed with the Clerk and with each department head.
Q. Act as purchasing agent of the Borough and install, maintain and enforce a centralized purchasing system for all departments; competitive bids will be solicited where required by state law, local policy or where the Manager deems it appropriate, after discussion with the Council.
R. Perform such other duties as may be required of the Borough Manager by ordinance or resolution of the Council.
S.  Prepare from time to time an organizational chart of each department of the Borough.