An explanation guide for emergency responders, school administrators, teachers, and parents in the safe evacuation and relocation of public and private schools in the event of an emergency.

Why Evacuate And Relocate?

No matter where we live or where our children go to school disasters are a fact of life. Natural or man-made, disasters can strike with a few days or hours advance notice. As emergency responders, school officials, and parents, we are confident that monthly school fire drills will result in the quick evacuation of our children. "What if the next alarm is a real fire and the outside temperature is below freezing?"

The H.E.A.R.T.S. plan will evacuate, relocate and shelter your child. Here’s how it works.........

The H.E.A.R.T.S. Plan

  • HEALTH - At any time during the school year, the health of our school children can be threatened by fire, chemical release, severe weather, or terrorist activity. As emergency responders, teachers, and parent, we must keep a cautious eye at the highways, railroad, chemical facilities, and public utilities that run through our community.
  • EVACUATION - When an emergency requires the quick removal of our children from a school building the fire alarms will be sounded and normal fire evacuation routes will be followed.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Immediately upon completion of the school evacuation attendance should be taken and reported to principal. Only the principal or acting principal should report missing students or staff to emergency responders.
  • RELOCATION - If it is determined that because of weather conditions, a hazardous environment, or student/faculty casualties that conditions outside the school are hazardous to the students well being, an order will be given to relocate the students to a transportation site.
  • TRANSPORTATION - After attendance has again been taken students will be transported to a shelter location via board of education buses by class. Under no circumstances will class groups be separated.
  • SHELTER - Upon arrival, attendance will again be taken and missing students and staff reported to the principal. Students will be dismissed to ONLY a parent or guardian from the shelter location. There will be NO general dismissal from the shelter!

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