Shade Tree Advisory Committee

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The Shade Tree Advisory Committee (STAC) is a limited body of members who are knowledgeable about trees, their importance to the community and the overall environment.

STAC is responsible for the Tree Ordinance that is the tool for "protection, preservation and planting of trees".  Trees improve air quality, provide a home to wildlife, help limit erosion, improve the aesthetic appearance of the community, cool the streetscape, add value to residential property, and so much more.

STAC is responsible for the Fair Lawn Arboretum & Bird Sanctuary, a long term project that includes 15 contiguous acres of flood plain. The Arboretum is a work in progress, with newly planted trees annually, themed flower beds with the help of the Garden Committee and a walking path along the Jordan Brook. The Arboretum is home to wildlife and many enjoy bird watching along the Jordan Brook which meanders from one end of the park to the other.

The information kiosk displays pertinent information, a bike rack has been installed on Fair Lawn Avenue, and benches are situated to enjoy the surroundings.

The Committee meets monthly to review and update the Ordinance as necessary, update the Five Year Plan, investigate ways to educate the public on the importance of trees, and is currently working to map out all the trees and plants, native and non-native. 

Arboretum Day is an annual event in May with activities and information relating to trees and where the annual Plant Swap is held.