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Memorial Pool

Memorial Pool - 2020 Information

Memorial Pool Opens on Monday, July 6, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.

Memorial Pool is located at the end of Berdan Avenue, along the Avenue of Heroes in Fair Lawn's Memorial Park. This sand bottom pool is surrounded by beach sand and includes a full beach, back beach grass areas and beautiful shade trees. Memorial Pool is 300 feet across and except for the deep water dive wall; starts at a 0' depth curb line. The pool includes an enclosed kiddie area and a raft. This fully supervised facility offers a main administrative trailer, restrooms and a lightning detection system. Memorial Pool and Memorial Park are smoke free facilities.

Memorial Pool will be open on Monday, July 6, 2020 through Monday, September 7, 2020.

The Pool will open every day at 11:00 a.m., weather permitting and close at 7:00 p.m.  Memberships can be purchased throughout the season during regular business hours at the Community Center Gymnasium.   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pool membership purchases will not be offered at the Memorial Pool Administration Office Trailer this year.  All purchases will be held in the Gymnasium of the Community Center.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  • Guests will not be permitted at Memorial Pool.
  • Resident sponsorship memberships will not be permitted. 
  • The Pool will be for Residents Only.  
  • All members will be required to sign a “Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk”.


Family: (Parents/Guardians and school aged children up to age 23 and in college) - $200.00

Adult: (H.S. graduate and older) - $95.00

Junior: (each school aged child not qualifying for an adult tag) - $60.00

Seniors: (Aged 62 and older) - $25.00 for senior and $25.00 for spouse.

Non-Swimmers: (For residents, age 62+ only, who will not be entering the water) - Free

Daily Guest rate: No guests are allowed during the 2020 season.

Guest Pass Booklet: No guests are allowed during the 2020 season.

Face coverings are required to enter the Community Center to pick-up or purchase a membership.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Borough has put in place the following safeguards at Memorial Pool:

Release Of Liability Waiver

Even with additional safety protocols and guidelines, being in any space where there are people beyond your own household has inherent health risks.  For that reason, all members must sign a Liability Waiver before entering the Pool facility. 

Attached is the Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk form

***All adults registering for Memorial Pool during the 2020 season MUST sign this waiver. Please download the waiver, read and fill it out in its entirety and bring it to the Community Center when you register to help expedite the registration process.***

Badge Colors

  • Badge colors will be assigned based on the last number of your address. 
  • Red Badges will be “odd” addresses. 
  • Blue Badges will be “even” addresses.

Access To Pool

  • Please form a single line when entering the Pool adhering to socially distancing. Entry will be done one person at a time.
  • The Pool will be Residents Only. Please present your badge upon entry. Guests will not be permitted at Memorial Pool.
  • Temperature checks will not be done at the Pool.
  • Attendees are required to maintain a six-foot social distance from each other on the beach, grass areas and while in the water, to the best of their ability. Family members and caretakers may remain together in closer proximity.
  • Showers and Changing Areas at the Pool will remain closed. You should arrive at the pool dressed for swimming then leave when finished and change at home.
  • Restrooms will be available. The number of guests allowed inside a restroom at one time will be limited. Please wash your hands upon entering and exiting restrooms.
  • We recommend that you wear foot coverings while inside restrooms.
  • Access to play features such as slides will remain closed.
  • The Borough reserves the right to close the Pool based on attendance and social distancing.

Face Coverings 

  • Members are strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear face coverings when arriving and leaving the pool due to the possibility of being less than 6' away from others while walking. 
  • Face masks will be required indoors when entering the restrooms and administration trailer.
  • Face coverings should never be worn into the water.
  • The Borough will not provide face coverings to members. 

Cleaning And Disinfection

  • Throughout the day, the restrooms will temporarily close for cleaning.
  • Pool Staff will adhere to all CDC recommended cleaning guidelines.
  • Soap will be available for hand washing in all restrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available to patrons in multiple locations throughout the Pool.


  • Patrons may bring their own life jackets, goggles for use in the water. Sand toys are also permitted. These items should remain in the sole possession of the owner and should not be shared by users outside the owner’s family.
  • Other toys such as floats, noodles and other apparatus will not be permitted.
  • Any equipment left at the facility will be discarded and not saved in a lost and found.

First Aid

  • Patrons should wear a face mask when requesting first aid services.
  • First Aid Staff will put on their PPE including a face mask and gloves before providing first aid to patrons.


  • The following signage will be placed throughout the facility:
  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged
  • Face coverings should NOT be worn in the water
  • Hands should be washed frequently with soap and water
  • Hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol should be used if soap and water are not available
  • Do not touch your face (especially eyes, nose or mouth) with unwashed hands
  • Stay home is you are sick
  • Practice social distancing and avoid large gatherings

Food And Drink

  • The Concession Stands will not be open. 
  • Water fountains will be turned off. 
  • Picnic tables and picnic areas will not be available.
  • Members should bring their own beverages and snacks.  Alcoholic beverages and glass bottles are not permitted.
  • Please dispose of packaging and empty food and beverage containers immediately. 
  • Trash receptacles will be routinely emptied and disinfected by staff. 

Social Distancing

  • Patrons are asked to maintain six feet of social distance throughout the facility including in the water. Family units who arrived together may remain together in closer proximity.
  • Traffic cones will be set-up throughout the facility. Please refrain from moving the traffic cones.
  • Signage has been posted to remind all guests of social distancing measures.
  • Reminders will be made using the PA Announce system throughout the day.

Capacity Limits At The Pool

To be in compliance with the maximum capacity permitted at the Pool as set forth in the NJ Governor’s Executive Order, you will only be permitted to utilize the Pool during the set hours on WEEKENDS based on the color of your badge. 

See the attached schedule. 

If needed to maximize the safety of members and staff, the Borough reserves the right to adjust and reduce capacity limits at the Pool on weekdays and weekends.

During this unusual time, your pool experience may not be the same as what you experienced in the past but we are determined it will be a pool experience worth remembering.

Further specifics are being developed based on new and evolving information, and you can anticipate this document will be updated.  The Borough will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the State and the CDC.  We will continually monitor, evaluate, and potentially change our operations based on evolving public health guidance, our own observations, as well as member and staff feedback throughout the summer so what is outlined here is subject to change as needed.

For more information, please see the 2020 edition of "The Splash!".
If you have any questions, please contact the Recreation & Parks Department at 201-796-6746.

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these guidelines.


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