Leaves in Street Prohibited

In accordance with Borough Ordinance §204-20 approved by the Mayor and Council on May 25, 2021, and to protect public health, safety and welfare; the placement of leaves and yard waste in any street, right-of-way or public place within the Borough is prohibited. If such placement of leaves and yard waste occurs, the party responsible for placement of the yard waste and leaves must remove the material from the street or said party shall be in violation and will be responsible for any fines related to this Ordinance. Residents employing a landscaper service should advise them accordingly.

Why can’t you rake, sweep, blow, or otherwise place leaves or yard waste in the street?
• Fair Lawn is complying with NJ DEP Storm Water Regulations.
• Leaves and yard waste cause local flooding by clogging catch basins and storm drains.
• If dry, leaves are a fire hazard when in contact with catalytic converters of parked motor vehicles.
• Leaves and yard waste become slippery when wet which may cause accidents.
• Leaves and yard waste can temporarily reduce street width impeding traffic and become a potential traffic hazard.

Residents and landscapers may dispose of their leaves as follows:
1. Paper bags at the curb on yard waste collection days.
2. Barrels, with a maximum size of 40 gallons, at the curb on yard waste collection days.
3. Bring to the Recycling Center at 20-05 Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn. Landscapers are required to purchase a permit for dumping leaves. Forms and regulations are available online at
4. Homeowners are not permitted to use commercial or rented vehicles for dropping off yard waste (leaves) at the center and must be Fair Lawn residents.

Leaves placed in plastic bags or in oversized containers will NOT be collected.

Thatch, grass, brush, branches, and logs are not permitted to be mixed with leaves due to NJ DEP regulations. Residents may drop these items at the Recycling Center separately.

Final yard waste collection at the curb will be the week of December 13, 2021. The Recycling Handbook, with the collection schedule, may be downloaded from fairlawn.org/recycling.

Thank you for your cooperation as we transition to a new collection program that meets State regulations.