2019 Leaf Collection

Municipal crews will start collecting leaves at the curb line beginning November 5 and will continue through December 17, weather permitting.  Collection will occur weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  Two (2) separate and complete passes through the Borough will be necessary to complete the entire leaf collection program.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe and efficient services:

  • AVOID PARKING on the street when leaf piles are ready for collection
  • AVOID PARKING on cul-de-sacs (leaf machines cannot enter tight spaces)
  • DO NOT pile leaves around parked cars, street lights, or fire hydrants
  • DO NOT put trash, stones, etc. into leaf piles
  • KEEP CHILDREN AWAY from leaf piles that are ready for collection
  • DO NOT pile leaves within 10 feet of a storm drain
  • Once the leaf crew does the first collection through your section, crews will NOT return until the second collection.

No leaves may be put at the curb for pickup after the following dates:

            Sections 1 and 5 – December 1st  

            Sections 4 – December 4th  

            Section 3 – December 9th

            Section 2 – December 12th

Residents are encouraged to check back her for continuous updates to the schedule and any changes that may occur.  Residents do not need to call and schedule a leaf collection. 


11/6/2019 - the 1st collection of leaves in Sections 1 & 5 have begun.
11/8/2019 - the 1st collection of leaves in Sections 1 & 5 is complete. 
11/12/2019 -  tentative - the 1st collection of leaves in Sections 4 will begin.