Former Nabisco Property - Update on Demolition

Former Nabisco Property - Update on Demolition – May 8, 2023

Greek Development has made the decision not to implode the remaining portion of the Nabisco Tower. They will utilize an alternative method of demolition that does not include the use of any explosives. Ownership is proceeding to undertake the additional time and expense to ensure the well-being and peace of mind of the surrounding residents.

Implosion – Anticipated date and time

• The implosion originally scheduled for Saturday, April 15, 2023 has been postponed. A new date and time has not been scheduled.

• Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI), the contractor performing the implosion, explained that there is a NJ regulation that stipulates that no explosives can be set off if the impact would be exacerbated by certain meteorological conditions that create a "low ceiling," such as fog or cloud cover. If weather conditions are not met at 8:00 a.m., the implosion would happen as soon after 8:00 a.m. as safety and security permits.
• CDI will track the weather for five days before the implosion and flag any concerns and if necessary, re-schedule the implosion date.
• The implosion plan is on file in the Building Department.

Community and Outreach and Media

• The demolition contractor and developer will coordinate outreach with residents and businesses within the exclusion zone and respond to any special needs or requests.
• As part of the outreach, there will be a designated phone number and email address set up to call or email with questions or to express any concerns.
• A copy of the community outreach plan shall be provided to the Building Department before releasing the last part of the demolition permit. The plan will be submitted the week of March 13th.
• Given the public interest in the event and the desire for it to be televised, there will be a plan for media outreach. A designated area will be established for the media will to be coordinated with the Fair Lawn Police Department.

Asbestos removal

• Asbestos abatement is complete in the main building (Bakery). (See link at bottom of this page for reports). All documentation is filed in the Building Department
• The two remaining buildings (R&D building and Maintenance Building) will be 100% cleared of all asbestos on or before Friday, March 17, 2023. All documentation will be filed with the Building Department
• All regulations regarding the removal and disposal of possible asbestos-containing material are being adhered to. An asbestos abatement contractor, Vertex, which is an independent verification firm that must adheres to all State regulations for removing asbestos has been filing all the required and related reports.

Air monitoring

• Air monitoring is part of the demolition protocol. It verifies that no asbestos fiber release occurs during removal. To date, no asbestos fibers have been identified in the air.

Environmental concerns

• The demolition contractor state they are following regulations for the removal of universal waste, such as light bulbs and exit signs, before the demolition.
• No hazardous material will remain on the site during the demolition.

Noise monitoring

• There are existing Borough ordinances related to the amount of noise allowable, which is variable based on the time of day.
• Additional noise regulations are issued by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). The Building Department is not the enforcing agency for the NJDEP noise regulations.
• Noise monitors are still in place on the Nabisco-side of the sound wall between the site and residents.

Seismic monitoring

• Seismic monitors are installed around the site, particularly in the areas near residential properties.
• Seismic measurements and documents to date and those leading up to implosion of the tower will be provided to the Building Department


• Metals are being recycled off-site.
• Concrete – an inert, non-hazardous material – will be crushed on-site and used instead of quarry stone as an aggregate sub base for the building and parking lot. It will also be used to surcharge a small area of about 20,000 to 30,000 square feet with some geotechnical issues, to help the ground settle and resolve compaction issues.
• Nothing is being stacked, stored, or held on site that hasn’t been tested or cleared.

Site security

• Contractor personnel monitor the site during working hours.
• Security is on site to monitor the site after hours and weekends.

Construction Official Rich Bolan is the point of contact for this project and all questions, comments or concerns should be directed to him by calling 201-794-5307 or email

Additional information will be updated as necessary.