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Clean Communities Program

Litter Clean Up Challenge

Join us from May 21 through August 31, 2021 in Clean Up Fair Lawn and documenting the litter through the Litterati app. Visit for more details!

Litter Clean Up Days - 2021 

  • April 17th - completed
  • May 15th - completed
  • June 12th - completed
  • September 11th - accepting volunteers

Call 201-794-5341 to register at least 5 days in advanced of the event. The Clean Up days qualify for community services hours as required by schools, religious institutions and court ordered service.  The events run from 8:45 AM to 12:30 PM. The bus leaves at 9:00 AM sharp. 


The Borough receives grant money from the State of New Jersey each year for litter prevention and education. This grant is known as the Clean Communities grant. The funds for this grant are collected by the State through a special tax on common litter causing items including fast food, cigarettes, soft drinks and 12 other items. The grant stipulates certain criteria must be completed such as two public lands clean ups per year, adopt-a-highway or similar project and public education.

What has Fair Lawn done?

In previous years the Borough has met its obligations with respect to public lands Clean Up days and public education. Educational programs have been presented to all elementary schools, storm drain markers have been purchased and installation is ongoing, anti-litter signs and garbage cans have been purchased and installed throughout the Borough.

In 2010 the second Resident's Guide to a Clean Community was printed. New informational brochures were created and are available to the public free of charge: Storm Drain Litter, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Sign Ordinance Regulations, and the Litter Marshal Program.

Fair Lawn's award winning Litter Marshal program now has over 100 volunteers reporting illegal dumpers and litter bugs. The Litter Marshal brochure is also available for download in PDF.

Litter Patrol:

The Recycling Division oversees the Clean Communities program and as a result receives persons sentenced to community service. These persons are then taken to areas known for litter problems for clean up. To report a litter problem, e-mail the Recycling Division at

A sign in the fight against litter. Signs denote when there is a garbage can ahead so drivers do not have to throw litter on the ground. 

These signs are installed along Route 4 (Broadway) and Route 208 ramps.

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