Census 2020

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Census 2020 - Make Fair Lawn Count

To ensure that we receive all federal and state funding we deserve, we need to have 100% participation in the 2020 Census. Starting in March 2020 you will be receiving letters and postcards asking for your participation in the census. You must respond. Our future depends on it! For more information, visit www.census.gov


2020 is going to be a great year for Fair Lawn.  In 2020 we have a great opportunity make sure that our community gets the representation and funding it deserves.  That’s because in mid-March, the 2020 Census is coming.

Every household in Fair Lawn is being asked to fill out the census so we can count all our residents and get our fair share of the 675 billion dollars in spending that is decided by the outcome of the Census. 

Our equal representation in Congress depends on it too.  And right now, you can apply for jobs helping make sure the Census Count is complete; or you can join the Complete Count Committee as a volunteer to help Fair Lawn get counted. 

So when you get your Census form in March, fill it out right away.  You can fill it out online, by mail or even by phone.  For the sake of our kids, our community and our future, please fill out the Census Form.

Fair Lawn….Stand up and be counted!