Environmental Commission

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Mission & Background

Fair Lawn’s Environmental Commission was created in 1982 by Municipal Ordinance. (Part I, Chapter 2, Article XVIII, Section 2-102). It is charged with protection, development, and use of natural resources located within the Borough. The volunteer members of our Commission have diverse backgrounds, such as the health professions, environmental sciences, computer science and life science. All have an arch interest in protecting our natural and physical environment. 

Role of the Environmental Commission is to:

  • Protect & Improve the environment in the community
  • Through policies, compliment state & federal efforts to assure protection of air, water, land, wildlife & special protection areas
  • Act as a watchdog in the enforcement of State environmental laws & for contaminated site cleanups
  • Inform & educate residents & act as a conduit between the public & elected officials
  • Provide the Governing Body with a Municipal Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI), public liaison, advise & communicate with State & County agencies
  • Help implement preservation & enforcement programs to forestall costly remedial actions
  • Advocate for acquisition of open space & parks

2023 Meetings:

Meetings are currently being held on zoom, the link is below. All meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm. 

**There are currently 2 vacancies on the Enviornmental Commission Board, If interested in becoming a member, please fill out the Citizenship Leadership Form **

Zoom Link: https://www.zoomgov.com/j/1602473126?pwd=bDlmWVRIc1liZVhFdFJpTWhxR3N6QT09   

****The April 5, 2023 (tonight) meeting has been cancelled, the next meeting will be on May 3, 2023*****


Kris Krause, Council Liaison 
Wendy Dabney, Chairperson                                                                          
Joseph Mele, Planning Board Liaison     

Carol Wagner, Health Dept. Rep.                                                      
Nancy Sperling                                                                            
David Mangual                                                                           
Ty Fujimura                                                                    
Naira Aslanyan                                                                          
Niki Morgulis