Outdoor Dining Application Package

On June 3, 2020, Governor Murphy issued Executive Order 150 that, subject to municipal approval, permits restaurants, cafeterias, dining establishments, and food courts, with or without a liquor license, bars, and all other holders of a liquor license with retail consumption privileges, collectively referred to as “food or beverage establishments,” to offer in-person service at outdoor areas effective June 15, 2020, provided that the establishment complies with certain requirements contained in Executive Order 150, as follows:

• Ensure all areas designated for food and/or beverage consumption are in conformance with applicable local, State, and Federal regulations;

• Limit capacity to a number that ensures all patrons can remain six feet apart from all other patrons at all times, except for those patrons with whom they are sharing a table;

• Satisfy all standards issued by the New Jersey Department of Health;

• Ensure that tables seating individual groups are six feet apart in all directions and that individual seats in any shared area that is not reserved for individual groups, such as an outdoor bar area, are also six feet apart in all directions;

• Prohibit patrons from entering the indoor premises of the food or beverage establishment, except to walk through such premises when entering or exiting the food or beverage establishment in order to access
the outdoor area, or to use the restroom;

• Require patrons to wear a face covering while inside the indoor premises of the food or beverage establishment, unless the patron has a medical reason for not doing so or is a child under two years of age;

• Prohibit smoking in any outdoor areas designated for the consumption of food and/or beverages.

The Establishment seeking a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit shall apply to the Borough Manager using forms available from the Borough Clerk’s Office, the Borough Manager’s Office, or you can download the below application package.