Community Relations Advisory Committee

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Borough of Fair Lawn Community Relations Advisory Committee is to educate, advocate and promote inclusion, inter group understanding, compassion and respect for diversity in our community.


The Committee was established this year (2020) in response to the many anti-Semitic hate crimes that occurred in 2019 across our country, particularly the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg.

Key achievements this year include creating and selling Hate Has No Home in Fair Lawn lawn signs (see below) as a way to spread awareness about our committee's mission. For the full month of June, we launched a virtual campaign focused on promoting the LGBTQ+ community in many different ways including a virtual Pride Flag raising ceremony.  

We are currently focused on creating programming and providing information to Fair Lawn residents to help understand systemic racism and what we can do to be more anti-racist. We are working on launching a community read on a book related to racism in America as well as establishing partnerships with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to provide programming on anti-Semitism and learn how we can be allies to the Jewish community. 

The committee has 13 members, with Councilwoman Cristina Cutrone serving as our liaison to the town council. For more information, or to share community concerns or ideas, please visit the Fair Lawn Community Relations Advisory Committee's Facebook page (@FairLawnInclusion) or send an email to

2022 Meetings

Meetings will be held on Mondays at the Municipal Building, 8-01 Fair Lawn Avenue, Room 201, beginning at 7:30 p.m. prevailing time unless otherwise noted.

***NOTE: Please be advised, due to the pandemic, all meetings will be held virtually until further notice. Please contact fairlawncra@gmail.comneha.kapoor@gmail or to request meeting information. 

                        January 20  (Thursday)                               July 11

                        February 17  (Thursday)                              August 8

                        March 14                                                     September 12

                        April 11                                                        October 3

                        May 9                                                          November 14                        

                        June 13                                                       December 12

"Hate Has No Home" Lawn Signs

If you are interested in displaying a "Hate Has No Home" Lawn Sign at your home, please fill out the request form on this link. Signs will be delivered to your home. 


Cristina Cutrone 
Neil Garfinkle         
Jody Riger                 
Ronald Roth    
Neha Baxi    
Marvin Rodriguez
Beth Hurley    
Kimberly Justice    
Keshia Austin Keshia    
Tiffony Kidd-Schindler