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Board Members and Meeting Schedule


The minimum number of Board members who must be present to conduct the business of the Fair Lawn Rent Leveling Board is a majority of (4) four of the whole Board, (7) seven. 

Michael Aversa, (Landlord representative)

Marshall Chandler (Tenant representative)

Michael O’Dea (Landlord representative)

Arlene Glassman, (Tenant representative)

Sharon Metzger (Homeowner representative)

Mark Singer (Homeowner representative)

Luke Walsh (Homeowner representative)


Alternate Members:

Saul Rochman (Alternate Homeowner representative)
Anthony Lauro (Alternate Landlord representative)
Mark Hann (Alternate Tenant representative)

Other Members:

Steven Cohen, Esq. (Rent Leveling Board Attorney)
Marianne Pettineo (Secretary to the Board)

Meeting Schedule:

The Board is tentatively scheduled to meet March 2nd, April 20th, June 22nd, September 14th, and November 16th at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom or in person in Room 201, meeting format to be determined prior to meeting date.  

The Rent Leveling Board has a specific agenda for each meeting which primarily consists of applications pending before the Board. The public may attend any meeting. There is a portion of the meeting at which public comments and questions may be presented to the Board, excluding, however, comments on hearing and adjudication of cases continued from prior hearings or of current cases.

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