The Fair Lawn Police Department in cooperation with the Mayor and Council, in their commitment to keep Borough safety and security their #1 priority, are asking residents and businesses to ‘Help Us To Help You’ by registering your video surveillance system with the Police Department.  By registering, you would agree to allow the Police Department access to your video surveillance system if there is a crime committed in your neighborhood. 

Registration, which is voluntary and free, would give the Police Department a file of addresses that could be quickly searched.  If a crime was to occur in your neighborhood, the Police Department would contact the resident or business at a reasonable hour to observe and possibly receive a copy of the video for the investigation

For additional questions on the program, please contact Detective Lieutenant Tim O’Shaughnessy of the Fair Lawn Police Department at 201-564-6165 or email

Video Surveillance Form

Terms & Conditions:

(1) Video footage collected by the Fair Lawn Police Department relating to criminal activity may be used in the investigation and as evidence during any stage of the criminal proceeding.

(2) Video footage provided is reserved for official use only.

(3) Under no circumstances shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent or employee of the Fair Lawn Police Department through their participation.

(4) When necessary, the Fair Lawn Police Department will contact you directly, during reasonable hours, to obtain video footage.

(5) If you provide the Fair Lawn Police Department with video footage and to not impede an investigation, you agree to not release video footage or still images to the media without consulting with the Fair Lawn Police Department.