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Fair Lawn's sanitary sewer system is made up of approximately 100 miles of main sewer line that services the entire community. The system conveys approximately 3.6 million gallons of waste water per day to our regional treatment facility at the Passaic Valley Sewer Commission in Newark, New Jersey. The Sewer Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire system including pump stations and equipment, manholes, and the maintenance and repair of all main lines within the sanitary system.

In addition to the sanitary sewer system the Borough also has the storm water drainage system. This system collects storm water run off from streets and sends it directly to streams, rivers and other open bodies of water. This water is not processed or filtered at any time. Storm drains are the responsibility of the Road Division.

House Stoppages:

Effective July 6, 2010 the Fair Lawn Sewer Division will no longer provide a sewer rodding service to Fair Lawn residents. Any questions should be directed to the Public Works Office at (201) 794-5305.

The Borough no longer provides a sewer rodding service to its residents. Only the main line in the street will be checked for proper operation. A homeowner will have to call a plumber to alleviate any house line blockage that may occur. All clean out caps within a home must be free and accessible. The Sewer Division will NOT do basic plumbing work, repairs, connector or disconnect appliances or move appliances. The Borough is not responsible to clean appliances or basements due to damage from blockages.

Signs of a house stoppage include bubbling noises in a toilet, popping sounds from the drain or the odor of rotten eggs in the house.

Replacement of House Line Connections:

The homeowner is responsible for any repairs to their house line connections between the house and the edge of the curb line or roadway. From the edge of the curb line or roadway to the main line is the responsibility of the Borough. Please call the Sewer Office for more information.

Sewer Department Jet Truck

Contact Information

Name: Jacob Mamo
Title:  Public Works Supervisor
Phone: (201) 794-5304 or (201) 794-5326