Green Team Advisory Committee


Fair Lawn Achieves Sustainable Jersey Certification
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Committee Members:                  
Joan Goldstein - Chairperson            
Lisa Swain - Council Liaison
Wendy Alvarez
Richard Bolan            
Han Broekman
Michael Ciolino
Ronald Durso
Elizabeth Greenfield Estersohn
Tim Franco
Kenneth Garrison
Alan Neggia                                   
Carol Wagner               
Nancy Sperling
Jarett King                                     
Mariola Lach
Patricia LaRocco                
Ron Lottermann 
Brian Metzler                                        
Andrea Piazza                                                          
Kimi Wei                
Jorge Gomez Wei
Luis Ari Lopez Wei

Mission Statement:  

The Borough of Fair Lawn Green Team Advisory Committee is committed to work with the Mayor, Council, other Borough Committees and citizens to maintain a vital and beneficial community.  This shall be achieved through the implementation of environmental practices and initiatives which will provide a healthy and sustainable Borough and enhance the quality of life for our citizens and their associations.                             


Our vision for Fair Lawn is to create a community that understands its environmental assets and resources and will act to protect and enhance them. The Green Team, under the direction of the Mayor and Council and interaction with other committees shall lead by example.  In order to achieve this vision, the Green Team Advisory Committee will set goals for the future, use indicators and targets to track progress, and promote and educate government, citizens, businesses, schools, and civic organizations.   By doing this, a Sustainable Fair Lawn will be achieved.



Collaborate with citizens, employees, government officials and service providers to share resource information and ideas consistent with the Committee’s mission.                

Encourage participation of all citizens and employees to solicit ideas on green initiatives.

Research and analyze green initiatives which make practical environmental and financial sense.

Develop strategies for green initiatives in municipal operations.

Collaborate, research and work with other groups towards becoming “Certified” through Sustainable New Jersey.

Research, review and create a sustainable element in the Borough’s Master Plan.

Research and coordinate efforts to create planning incentives, direct funding and resources towards sustainability.

Promote and educate environmental issues through Green Fairs and Green Challenges.

Recognize and celebrate existing initiatives and programs that the Borough is already doing that support sustainability.


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Contact Information

Phone: (201) 794-5327

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